Monday, 18 June 2012

Magic Mondays!

Today was a great day at work it started off rainy and chilly will I was at PT, but after breakfast the sky cleared for the most part creating a gorgeous day of work. I worked on a ton of building making doors work. "Hi I'm Bob the Builder!" Haha, except I wear an Air Force uniform.

After work I went on a solo mission to the skate park and just played around. It's surprising how you don't even notice yourself progressing until you think back to how many hours and how much effort you put into something you love. I might have crafted the best line of my life. The term line in skateboarding is the art of string a series of tricks together one right after another. I land a boardslide grind down a hand rail and rode up the quarter pipe that was located ahead of it and did a revert tail stall and then rode up hip transfer and ollied to smith grind. I was shocked I landed it because that last trick I spent forever on and could not land it Sunday. I was satisfied to say the least.

If I lost you in the skateboarding lingo then here is a video of a speed drawing clip I made a few months ago and just  recently uploaded.

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