Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sword Fighting

Maybe three years ago now I joined a club of sorts, a class about the way of the sword. In this club we spent a while talking about faith and then we would proceed to bash and bruise each other with bamboo practice swords till the close of business. Sounds a little random, but when do events in one persons life ever seem systematic?

At first this I kept coming back to this course because it was mysterious and exciting to me. As the lessons gone on I learned that I had some talent with the sword. I loved fighting I loved narrowly missing blows over and over while returning the volley of my own signature sword play.

I think the most interesting thing about these engagements was the opponent. The reactions and responses of the enemy. Ever body fights with different intensity, seriousness, and strategy. I have learned so much about the people I call my friends.
Who knew that fighting each other would bring us closer.