Friday, 12 October 2012

The Ghost of Eaton

Okay so this has been the video I could have had the most fun making. I was so happy at times and scared out of my socks at other times in the making of this. Please tell me what you think and share it with your mates.

Now go back to your home page and go click stuff. I am gonna go bowl!

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Last weekend in Lowesoft a small city by the sea. Check out my video and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Glass Broad

And today has been numb. Not really good or bad just another day. I got the day off so I could study for my End of Course exam tomorrow over nearly 1000 possible questions they could choose from.

But at least I had a good skate session this past weekend. Maybe I will go skate today!

Monday, 30 July 2012

5 Years Ago


So today, intense. I go in to take an outrageously difficult test assuming that I am at best going to make a 50 and I instead blow my mind by passing it with an 85. Go me.
So today, bummer. I have been talking to a few people around base and turns out there are a few people who like to play Trading Card Games such as Magic, YuGiOh, Pokemon, Naruto, and whatever else. So I organized Magic Mondays so that we could all come and play. You know who shows up? Just me and my friend Dan. But hey, I'm cool I can deal I understand no everyone can make it so maybe next week more people will show up. Maybe I should offer food. I love when people are trying to talk you into something and as a last resort they remind there will be food.

So today, finally. Vintage picture from 5 years ago! 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Day Two of Being Sick

I couldn't go all of July without putting out something for the month. Well I have been sick the past two days, but I muscled through with a dashboard full of tissues and took a drive with my buddy Keith up to Great Yarmouth to ride some shred sickles.
It was fun!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

In this Time

This week has been a great one despite the awful weather. I got my skateboarding on this week and made a video of some of the footage from the week. I would like to thank my friend Jeff Paulin for doing some of the video recording and my friend TJ Aycock for allowing me to use his song in my video.


Monday, 18 June 2012

Magic Mondays!

Today was a great day at work it started off rainy and chilly will I was at PT, but after breakfast the sky cleared for the most part creating a gorgeous day of work. I worked on a ton of building making doors work. "Hi I'm Bob the Builder!" Haha, except I wear an Air Force uniform.

After work I went on a solo mission to the skate park and just played around. It's surprising how you don't even notice yourself progressing until you think back to how many hours and how much effort you put into something you love. I might have crafted the best line of my life. The term line in skateboarding is the art of string a series of tricks together one right after another. I land a boardslide grind down a hand rail and rode up the quarter pipe that was located ahead of it and did a revert tail stall and then rode up hip transfer and ollied to smith grind. I was shocked I landed it because that last trick I spent forever on and could not land it Sunday. I was satisfied to say the least.

If I lost you in the skateboarding lingo then here is a video of a speed drawing clip I made a few months ago and just  recently uploaded.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Day in Cambridge

9:30 is when today started. I was a little tired from the few drinks I had from the night of socializing. After cleaning up I grabbed a few of my friends and caught a train into Cambridge we walked all over the place and filled our belly's at a place called Clowns. Clowns is an Italian sit down eatery. After that we went to The Fitzwilliam Museum. That place was amazing I was not allowed to take any photos while I was in there, but my favorite painting was the one of twins sisters that were in there twenties called Kate and Grace.
After adventuring through Cambridge we got back on the train and called it a day. I feel very artsy today. :]

This last picture is of a girl I meet when I was home for two weeks of leave I told her that my favorite era was the 1940's and 50's and she put together a photo shoot dedicated to it. This girl is incredible.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back to Work

After two weeks of being in the sun and the heat of Florida I have returned to it's exact opposite... England. Well it was harder than usual to adjust back to this climate and culture, but now that a week has gone by I think I might be back to my normal schedule finally.

I am super excited about my college class that I am taking now it is a Public Speaking class. To easy Sergeant.

Here are some pictures from my trip home.
My Dad and I

My cousin Dillon and I

My Army bro and I

Going Tubing

The Awful Waffle

The Tri Force

Favorite album ever

My bestfriend Quincy and I

Sunday, 6 May 2012


So I look like a cross between and old man and a cowboy. I am so sore from that run on Friday. I am glad that I got the chance to talk to my friends last night. 22 more days and I will finally be back and be a able to sword-fight, draw, play video games, go on long drives to the beach, roll up in waffle house at 2 in the morning, and shuffle with my friends! And most importantly see my family.

So I put together a tutorial on how to do the shuffle or hard-step, whichever you know it as. I hope it helps you learn how to shuffle. I forgot to mention that there is a glide step you can add in to your shuffle and there is a spin step you can add in also. I just covered the basics.

Early this week I went to a Taking Back Sunday show that the played on base for FREE. It was a great performance. Adam broke his leg while on tour I think, but he toughed it out like a camp. They set list was really good. I am glad that I finally got to meet them and tell them how much I enjoy there music.Here are some picture of that. 

This is a picture of the lead singer from the opening act serinading me with that adorable face of her's. She asked out to the crowd who the most dishonest man in the crowd was and all my friends point to me. I know what you are thinking, that's messed up. I try to be a very brutally honest guy. I think it was the heat of the moment that lead to me becoming the center of attention on this one though.

Friday, 4 May 2012

8 Hour Run

So it is interesting to look back at myself a year ago and see this different person. I was so young and uncompromising. Now I am older and a ton has changed for me. I wonder sometimes if the person I was hates who I am now. It is amazing how so much can change so fast.

Anyways! Today was an interesting day we got to do some moral boosting! We had an 8 hour run and we won! We dressed up in these ridiculous looking outfits and did 100 meter sprints to see what squadron could do the most laps. We won with 430 laps which is like 107 miles which it is cool. I am glad I was apart of that.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sword Fighting

Maybe three years ago now I joined a club of sorts, a class about the way of the sword. In this club we spent a while talking about faith and then we would proceed to bash and bruise each other with bamboo practice swords till the close of business. Sounds a little random, but when do events in one persons life ever seem systematic?

At first this I kept coming back to this course because it was mysterious and exciting to me. As the lessons gone on I learned that I had some talent with the sword. I loved fighting I loved narrowly missing blows over and over while returning the volley of my own signature sword play.

I think the most interesting thing about these engagements was the opponent. The reactions and responses of the enemy. Ever body fights with different intensity, seriousness, and strategy. I have learned so much about the people I call my friends.
Who knew that fighting each other would bring us closer.