Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Day in Cambridge

9:30 is when today started. I was a little tired from the few drinks I had from the night of socializing. After cleaning up I grabbed a few of my friends and caught a train into Cambridge we walked all over the place and filled our belly's at a place called Clowns. Clowns is an Italian sit down eatery. After that we went to The Fitzwilliam Museum. That place was amazing I was not allowed to take any photos while I was in there, but my favorite painting was the one of twins sisters that were in there twenties called Kate and Grace.
After adventuring through Cambridge we got back on the train and called it a day. I feel very artsy today. :]

This last picture is of a girl I meet when I was home for two weeks of leave I told her that my favorite era was the 1940's and 50's and she put together a photo shoot dedicated to it. This girl is incredible.


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